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Delay as a source of complaint

A major source of complaint is delay or failure on the part of the body concerned to respond to a person. This leads to frustration on the part of the complainant as a result of which the matter may be referred to the Ombudsman. In the context of maladministration, delay or failure to respond, is regarded as an "undesirable administrative practice" and contrary to "sound administration". It is worth bearing in mind that the concept of good administration is a constantly changing one. Good administrative practice develops alongside that which it gauges; the ideal relationship between the individual and the administration. Good communications are also an integral part of any sound administrative system. Failures in communications between officials on the one hand, and users of services on the other, can lead to delay or inaction which, in turn, become a source of complaint. It is particularly worrying therefore when complaints regarding delay, for example, are compounded by further delay because of poor communications or complaint handling systems in the body complained of.